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Ekla Gitabitan [Vol-66] ~Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta
Trick List
  • Pipasha Hay Nahi Mitilo
  • Pitaro Duare Daraiya Sobe
  • Poholo Poholo
  • Poobo Haoate Day Dola
  • Poth Akono Shesh Holo Na
  • Pothe Chole Jete Jete
  • Pother Sesh Kothai
  • Pothik He Oi Je Chole
  • Poush Toder Dak Diyeche
  • Prabhu Tomar Bina
  • Pradoprante Rakho Seboke
  • Pralaynachon Nachle Jakhon
  • Pran Chay Chokhu Na
  • Prane Gaan Nai Miche Gaan
  • Prane Khushir Tufan Utheche
  • Prangane Mor Sirish Sakhaye
  • Prano Bhoriye Trisha Horiye
  • Prano Pran Jagiche Prane
  • Prathomo Jugor Udaydigangane
  • Pratidino Aami

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