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Ekla Gitabitan [Vol-51] ~Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta

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  • Kotha Acho Probhu
  • Kotha Alo Kothai Ore Alo
  • Kotha Baire Dure
  • Kotha Chili Sajoni Go
  • Kotha Hote Baje Premo Bedona
  • Kotha Hote Sunte Jeno Pai
  • Kotha Je Udhao
  • Kotha Kosh Ney
  • Kothao Amar Hariye Jaoar
  • Kothay Alo
  • Kothay Phrish Param
  • Kothay Tumi Ami Kothaye
  • Kothin Loha Kothin Ghume
  • Koto Ajana Re
  • Koto Je Tumi Monohoro
  • Koto Kal Robe Bolo Bharat Re
  • Krisno Koli Ami Tarei Boli
  • Kushume Kushume Chorono Chinho
  • Lakkhi Jakhon Ashbe Takhon
  • Likhono Tomar

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